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Sardines are a bit underrated, aren’t they? Let’s bring them back! I am so happy to share these exciting canned sardine recipes with you.

I have not seen a great selection of canned sardines in the shops lately.

Which is a shame, as these little fish are packed with goodness.

So in researching canned sardines, I was pleasantly surprised to find a plethora of great recipes.

So if you have unexpected guests, tap your pantry and be a star cook.

Who would have ever thought that there would be so many canned sardine recipes?

I was amazed at just how versatile these little fishes are!

And so easy to use.

Most people only know about sardines on toast, although I had a friend who ate sardines with condensed milk.

(Not for me, thanks.)

So, with a little out-of-the-box thinking and I managed to come up with an array of recipes that are oh so easy to make.

But before we get to that, just a little about why we should eat sardines.

Outside of a few good-for-you bits like protein and fatty acids present in many fish, they are pre-seasoned and good for keeping around in the pantry for a long time.

So, here is my selection of 21 easy-to-follow canned sardine recipes.

I suggest you check out the Sardine Pizza (who would have thought) and scrumptious Mediterranean salad.

Why not “dive” in and try them out.

Little sardine jokes never hurt anyone.

Top 21 Best Canned Sardine Recipes 🐟 (2)

Table of Contents

1. Mini Fish Cakes

This easy sardines recipe is actually baked in an oven.

You could whip up a batch of these in no time.

Just add a green salad and crusty bread for a simple meal.

One could use these as finger food as well for a party.

This is a snap to whip up, so if you are hungry no need to wait too long.

Everything you need is in the pantry.

A very upmarket version of sardines on toast and we all deserve a little spoiling.

The use of crispy radishes and gherkins takes this dish up a few notches.

And you thought only having sardines in the cupboard was going to be a problem.

No cooking involved, some chopping, and off you go.

Amazingly, using simple mostly everyday ingredients like cheddar cheese, cucumbers, and olives, some crunchy biscuits, and your party is about to begin.

This might be something to eat on a chilly winter’s day.

This is not for everyone, but if you like hot and spicy food, then this is just up your alley!

Nothing like Peri-Peri stew to warm your insides up.

A very easy-to-make dish—minimal ingredients make this especially easy on the pocketbook.

Also, it’s a quick option if you have a few extra mouths to feed.

Sardines have always been reminiscent of Portuguese culture to me.

They have a rich food culture with some very tasty recipes and this dish is so easy to make.

This simple pasta has some big flavors and the use of wine just adds to the well-rounded taste.

This dish will fill any empty tummy.

Chilies are optional but if you like a little heat, then this is for you.

This recipe uses some typical Thai ingredients such as lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

I love the simplicity of Thai cooking and the freshness of the ingredients.

This is a two-step process, so as soups go, it could not be easier to make.

Enjoy a belly-warming soup when the evenings are getting cool.

Cooking with sardines is fun and this recipe is no exception.

An incredibly easy Paté with only six ingredients.

This Paté is a must as a starter or served along with a cheese and biscuit platter after a meal.

It only takes five minutes or so to make—what more could you want?

So if you are in a rush and visitors are arriving, this is your go-to dish.

Ahh, who does not like the ease of a salad?

This could not be any easier, with no cooking involved.

Just pile the ingredients on a plate and serve.

Some crusty garlic bread would go well with this summer dish.

What a flavorful mouthful this is.

Canned foods are a timesaver as well as convenient.

And they are at your fingertips, just pop them open and use them.

If you have a problem with the fishy taste, just squeeze over some lemon juice.

Served with either rice or pasta, this is a substantial meal.

Served with rice or couscous, these fried canned sardines would be an easy meal for any cook—and that’s always a treat.

Some people might find it strange to cook canned sardines, but some cultures can’t imagine eating them out of the tin without cooking.

I must admit, growing up, we ate cold sardines on toast.

We never thought about heating them.

Try it both ways and decide for yourself.

Need a starter for a serious dinner party?

Look no further.

Not a lot of cooking is involved here.

It’s an easy-to-prepare dish that looks like it belongs in a restaurant.

Perfect romaine lettuce wedges with a scrumptious topping.

The dressing can be made up to two days ahead.

Bon appetit.

Though this recipe uses fresh sardines, canned can be used just as well.

It seems that canned or dried sardines are interchangeable for the most part.

These sardine snacks are best eaten alone or served with steamed vegetables, rice, or a salad.

With just 8 ingredients, this is a quick dish to prepare.

Once again this uses fresh sardines, but canned will do the same job.

Who would have thought canned sardines could be so easy to use and so versatile with so many options?

Sit down and enjoy a pasty on its own or with a side of salad.

Yes I know, another pasta recipe.

But can you ever have enough pasta?

With these easy-to-prepare dishes, I am hooked.

I love pasta and I am always looking for new toppings.

This recipe is by far the most complicated as far as ingredients go.

Pine nuts, saffron, and fennel seeds add a touch of class to this dish.

Fried rice is one of my favorite leftover dishes.

It is so versatile that you can use almost anything to make a great meal.

If you want more than just a vegetable dish, adding canned sardines gives you all the protein you need with little fuss.

Use cilantro or basil leaves to decorate and add even more flavor.

Wow, this is a hearty meal and fit for those individuals who are curious about how to eat sardines.

The Portuguese really have the knack for making rich filling food.

And only 8 ingredients, another money saver that packs a flavor punch.

The use of cannellini beans just adds creaminess and richness to a simple meal.

A good solid lunch or dinner does not take long to prepare.

Well, we have had peri-peri and chilies, curry had to make an appearance sometime.

I love a good curry, but it must not take away from the flavor of the food.

As per the other recipes, this is a breeze to make.

Serve with rice or even mashed potato and some green vegetables.

This is also a wallet-friendly recipe using ingredients that you would find in the kitchen.

So if you are in a bind, raid the pantry, use your neighbor’s pantry if you have to.

Now here is a simple sandwich anyone can make.

I am not too familiar with Trinidad’s cooking, but this looked rather interesting.

Use any fresh bread or toasted and enjoy.

Pimento and cilantro add another layer of spice to this simple sandwich.

What to eat with sardines?

Enter Sardine Sambal!

This uses bird eye chilies which are hot, leave them out if you don’t want so much heat and replace them with jalapeno or green chilies.

If you are watching the budget, then this will surely help you stretch that wallet.

A simple dish to rekindle childhood memories, packed with flavor.

Top 21 Best Canned Sardine Recipes 🐟 (3)

I saved this for last or second to last.

This is for those of us who hate washing up and wonder about what to do with sardines!

A dish that can be made in one pan.

Comfort food at its best, potatoes, onions, and carrots baked in the oven.

Even grandma will love this one.

Still, wondering about how to eat canned sardines?

This most unbelievable recipe for you!

Who would have thought to put canned sardines on a pizza?

And you don’t even have to make the pizza base, just get the ready-made ones.

Just add some thinly sliced red onion, and olives, and enjoy.

The bottom line

If you don’t know what to do with canned sardines, checking out this compilation is a must!

I am sure that I have surprised you as much as I have surprised myself with these 21 canned sardine recipes.

I hope you have been relieved of the notion that sardines are not only used on toast.

No longer do you have to scratch your head and wonder how you are going to entertain unexpected guests.

Just raid the pantry!

Remember to stock your pantry with these delightful little cans of pure pleasure.

I hope you have been inspired to try out at least one of these recipes.

Top 21 Best Canned Sardine Recipes 🐟 (4)

21 EASY Canned Sardine Recipe

Here is my selection of 21 easy-to-follow canned sardine recipes. Why not “dive” in and try them out!


  • Mini Fish Cakes
  • Polish Sardines On Toast
  • Canapes With Sardines
  • African Sardine Stew
  • Portuguese Sardine Pasta
  • Thai Style Sardine & Tomato Soup
  • French Sardine Paté
  • Mediterranean Sardine Salad
  • Sauteed Sardines
  • Indonesian Fried Sardines
  • Romaine Wedges With Sardines Caramelized Onions
  • Italian Baked Sardines
  • Stargazy Pasties
  • Sicilian Sardine Pasta
  • Sardine Fried Rice
  • Portuguese Sardines With Creamy Cannelini Beans
  • Sardine Curry
  • Trinbagonian Sardines
  • Sardine Sambal
  • Baked Canned Sardines
  • Sardine Pizza


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Could you tell me why the recipe pictured as the caption of this article is not included in the 21 recipes? Cuz you know that’s the main recipe I wanted to see🥴. Several of the others look good also though. Still……

Top 21 Best Canned Sardine Recipes 🐟 (2024)


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