RAID Shadow Legends: Siege: Clan Fortress Details (2024)

RAID: Shadow Legends has announced yet another new mode for players to sink their time into and hopefully get out with some good rewards.

This new mode is known as Siege: Clan Fortress, and simply put, it is a Clan vs. Clan mode where you’ll be able to battle against other clans to settle feuds or simply show everyone who’s the best.

The Siege will pair two clans against one another, and give each clan a Clan Fortress which they will have to defend from attacks, with only the best Clan coming out on top.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the details about this mode to give you a better understanding of what you can expect.

Table of Contents

  • What is Siege: Clan Fortress
  • Building Levels
  • Building Buffs
  • Buildings
    • Stronghold
    • Mana Shrine
    • Magic Tower
    • Defense Tower
    • Posts
  • Summary

What is Siege: Clan Fortress

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Siege is a Clan vs. Clan mode that has clans battling it out against each other by trying to take control of the opposing clan’s Clan Fortress.

The Clan Fortress is the base of operations for any clan, and it is made up of several types of buildings connected by paths. The buildings that can be found inside the Clan Fortress include:

  • Stronghold
  • Mana Shrine
  • Magic Tower
  • Defense Tower
  • Posts

NOTE: The layout for the Clan Fortress is the same for each Clan.

To win in a siege, you must take control of your opponent's Clan Fortress by reaching the Stronghold, located at the very back of the Clan Fortress, and demolishing it!

However, to do this, you’ll first have to get through the countless other buildings, which can boast several defensive formations and buffs to help your enemies fortify their defenses.

As of right now, there is only one layer to the Clan Fortress, with only one Stronghold, but the developers have stated that they plan to add even more layers in the future. This will bring new Clan Fortresses and a brand new Stronghold, making it even harder and more time-consuming to win.

Building Levels

Each building in the Clan Fortress has a level, and every building, apart from the Posts, can go up in level, up to level 3.

By increasing a building’s level, you increase the number of defensive teams a building can hold while also getting access to stronger buffs.

To increase a building’s level, you will need a special resource that is only used in the Siege mode, called [Florins]. You can receive Florins for completing actions in the Siege, but you also get a set amount to get you started.

Building Buffs

Each building has access to a set amount of buffs that can either help the defensive teams inside or hinder the foes trying to attack you. There are various buffs that you can choose from, and the better the level of the building, the better buffs you can receive.

You can unlock buffs by using [Mana Orbs], which are once again a Siege-specific currency. Similar to Florins, you can earn Mana Orbs by completing Siege-specific activities.

Each buff costs a set amount of Mana Orbs, and buffs that unlock at higher building levels cost more than those you unlock at level 1.



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Let’s take a brief look at what each of the buildings does so that you have a better idea of what’s happening in the Siege mode.


RAID Shadow Legends: Siege: Clan Fortress Details (3)

The Stronghold is the main building in the Clan Fortress. The Stronghold determines the level of all other buildings and is the backbone of your fortress.

Mana Shrine

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There are twoMana Shrines on a Fortress layer, and you can station up to three defense teams in them. Once you have defeated a Mana Shrine, you can re-battle it to get additional Mana Orbs, hence the name Mana Shrine.

Magic Tower

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Magic Towers grant various buffs to themselves and other buildings connected to them via magic paths (purple). You cannot have the same buffs across different magic towers, so make sure to pick a good set of different buffs.

Defense Tower

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A sturdier variant of the Magic Tower. Unlike the Magic Tower, the Defense Tower can also apply buffs, but only to itself. It cannot apply its buffs to other buildings. You also cannot have the same buff across all Defense Towers, so make sure to pick different ones to match your strategy.


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The most numerous part of the Clan Fortress. Posts work as small defense lines where you can place only 1 defense team, and they benefit from bonuses applied by Magic Towers and the Stronghold.



The Siege mode looks like an interesting addition to the game where clans will be able to fight against one another and settle feuds, get rewards, and so on.

As of right now, the Siege looks like another time sink, and given all of the other modes in RAID: Shadow Legends that required a ton of time to complete, we are not sure just how this mode will fit into most players’ schedules.

As of writing, we still have not received any information on the rewards that players will get from the Siege mode. Rewards are usually the driving factor behind a player’s actions, so if the rewards for the Siege are good, then players will undoubtedly play it. If they’re bad, well, then it might be forgotten.

It is still too early to say whether the Siege mode will succeed, but we’re looking forward to more announcements about this new feature and can’t wait to see how it will impact the game.

For more information about the new mode you can check out RAID: Shadow Legends' official announcement video below.


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RAID Shadow Legends: Siege: Clan Fortress Details (2024)


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