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The first children’s toy for girls appeared and at the same time received the recognizable Barbie logo, which, undergoing a series of changes, retained its recognizability, modern look, and compliance with new requirements. The color and style of the logo reflect the target consumer and their gender identity.

Barbie: Brand overview

Barbie is a doll beloved by many generations of girls. Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She was developed in 1959 in the USA. The doll’s creator for children aged three to fourteen is Ruth Handler, wife of Elliott Handler, owner of the toy manufacturing company Mattel.

Meaning and History

An adult doll with a variety of outfits and accessories quickly gained popularity among girls, becoming a true brand. Its logo appeared simultaneously with the toy and has undergone about five modifications over the years. Initially, the brand name was written in a handwritten cursive style; then, as the Barbie design expanded, it acquired a different design.

What is Barbie?

Barbie is an American toy brand. The brand name has become a proper name for the dolls, first introduced in 1959. For a long time, they were the best-selling dolls in the world, but after the creation of the Bratz doll, their popularity began to decline. The primary owner and manufacturer of the dolls is the parent company, Mattel.

1959 – 1975

The original emblem was written by hand in a childlike and semi-glamorous style. The first letter is capitalized; the rest are lowercase. The lowest are “a,” “r,” and “e.” The top loop of the second “b” is almost equal in height to the capital “B.” Thanks to the dot, the symbol “i” looks quite large and is only slightly inferior to “b.”

The text symbol has two highlights. The main one is the jumping letters, which are arranged randomly, not in order. They have a completely different top and bottom, which makes the logo look light and casual. This stylistic technique supports a playful mood, airiness, naivety, and charm. An additional feature is a curl at the capital letter “B.” It is located at the bottom and directed inward, forming a miniature oval.

1975 – 1991

The debut logo lasted more than 15 years, after which it was revised. An attempt to modernize the trademark led to the appearance of a volumetric name – practical, without a background in the form of a cheerful mood. The main emphasis is on strictness and shadows, which give the word a 3D effect.

All letters in the logo are of the same height and lowercase, except for the capital “B.” The line is straight, and the symbols are arranged as if in a line. The only thing that dilutes the seriousness of the emblem is the rising inscription, as the word is positioned diagonally. This technique implies a sense of happiness and the presence of optimism. The most unusual letter is “B,” consisting of two elegant curls. The other letters seem stretched and wide due to overly large shadows.

1991 – 1999

In 1991, designers decided to return the logo to its joyful and childlike lightness. They simplified it by removing bulky details. The shape of the letters remained unchanged, removing unnecessary curls from the letter “B.” This version was perceived much more interestingly despite the restrained style of writing. The lowercase letters “b” and “i” are now almost the same height.

1999 – 2004

In 1999, the logo developers revisited it. As a result, the font became cursive with a slight tilt to the right. The capital letter “B” regained its lower inner curl, making it airy and elegant. The word “Barbie” seems to be written by hand in one stroke, without breaking the connection between the characters. The color of the logo is close to red.

2004 – 2005

The previous version of the logo lasted only one year, after which it was adjusted. The artists made the first letter expansive and bold, with the top and bottom parts extending far beyond the front legs. The symbols are written without an internal connection and arranged differently, so the name looks galloping. The lowercase letter “b” has a tail, and “i” – is a five-petal flower instead of a dot. Thus, the company’s management ensured that the logo was as childlike as possible.

2005 – 2009

After four years of use, the logo transformed again: the flower disappeared, and a classic dot appeared in its place. The letter “a” remained unclosed, and “e” – with an upward-stretched leg.

2009 – today

Currently, the debut emblem, established in 1959, is used. It is adopted without changes and recognized as a standard in both style and color.

Barbie: Interesting Facts

Barbie is a famous doll made by Mattel in 1959. Ruth Handler created her and has become very popular worldwide.

  1. First Time: Barbie was first shown at a toy fair in New York City on March 9, 1959, which was also her birthday.
  2. Inspired by a German Doll: Barbie was inspired by a German doll named Bild Lilli. Ruth Handler saw it in Europe and thought of making a doll for kids to show them they could be anything when they grew up.
  3. Her Full Name: Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, and she comes from a made-up town called Willows, Wisconsin.
  4. Many Jobs: Barbie has had over 200 different jobs, like being an astronaut, president, and doctor, to show girls that they can choose any career.
  5. Barbie’s Dreamhouse: The first Dreamhouse for Barbie came out in 1962 and has changed over time to stay modern.
  6. Worldwide: Barbie dolls are sold in over 150 countries, with one sold every three seconds.
  7. Everyone’s Barbie: Lately, Mattel has made Barbie dolls that look different from each other, with various skin colors, body shapes, and abilities, to represent the real world better.
  8. Movies and Shows: Barbie has been in over 35 movies since 2001, where she goes on adventures and takes on different roles.
  9. Barbie for President: Since 1992, Barbie has been “running for president” every election year to encourage girls to think big.
  10. A Doll Worth Collecting: Some adults collect Barbies, and the most expensive Barbie ever sold was for $27,450 because it had a special diamond necklace.
  11. Fashion Collaborations: Barbie has collaborated with famous fashion designers like Christian Dior and Versace to create special dolls.

Barbie is more than a doll; she’s a symbol that has shown societal changes, like the types of jobs women can have and the importance of everyone feeling included.

Font and Colors

Throughout the existence of the Barbie brand, designers have only used the word part in the logo – it has never included graphics. The word is positioned diagonally and reads from bottom to top.

The emblem’s font is custom, primarily italic and handwritten. Since the brand’s inception, the color has been a gentle candy pink, which has remained consistent over the years.

Barbie color codes

Barbie PinkHex color:#e0218a
RGB:224 33 138
CMYK:0 85 38 12
Pantone:PMS Blue 072 C


What is Barbie’s signature color?

The Barbie brand has its signature color. It belongs to Mattel and is called Barbie Pink (Pantone 219C). To emphasize this, Mattel and Pantone jointly released a new doll dressed in a pink dress featuring numerous Pantone 219C inscriptions.

Why is the Barbie logo pink?

In choosing a color for the Barbie logo, designers relied on gender stereotypes. They made the wordmark bright pink because they believed this shade would attract the attention of the target audience – girls and women.

What does the Barbie logo look like?

The Barbie logo is a bright pink wordmark. The inscription is in a handwritten font, which looks elegant and relaxed at the same time. All letter edges are slightly rounded.

Barbie Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand (2024)


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